Preferred Leasing is a company that was established in 1991. The Idea behind our company was to make purchasing and to do research on automobiles easy and effortless. We are able to offer the best and most competitive rates around because of the fact that we deal with hundreds of dealers across the U.S.A. Come give us a try and get a FREE quote and see why we are Preferred.

Here at Preferred Leasing We are not a dealership; we facilitate leases that fit our client’s special and unique needs and acquire Every New car from Hyundai to Hummer and Buick to Bentley in most top markets nationwide for the best possible value. Rarely ever will you find a dealership with the ability to compete with our lease prices and service which is custom-tailored to your needs, business or personal, and designed to save you money over the entire term of the lease arrangement. When you call Preferred Leasing you will get valuable information about your situation that will help you make a good decision whether you ultimately decide to use our services or not. We want to offer our expertise even if we don’t write your lease this time.